Dublin Port Company (DPC) has always recognised that not only is the port part of the local community but the community is part of the port.

The port covers approximately 260 hectares and supports over 4,000 jobs. Many of those employed in the port are from the local community, which has been the case for generations. In order to future proof the port, DPC recognises the need to promote the pursuit of education from a very young age. DPC’s Educational Programme promotes lifelong learning, spanning all age groups from pre-school right through to third level and adult education.

In conjunction with these structured schemes, ad hoc events are scheduled regularly, providing tours of the port area to local school children, community groups and colleges as well as students visiting from abroad. DPC are also close partners with Sail Training Ireland, which provides opportunities for young people to experience life on board a working Tall Ship.

DPC Scholarship Demographics and Costings

Total Recipients30394336736553443432449
Annual Cost€39,097€55,312€53,700€64,500€89,700€82,000€77,900€72,200€64,100€71,300€598,509