Dublin Port Company (DPC) supports a number of community initiatives which have been documented in other publications. One of the community initiatives we support is the Sail Training Ireland Charity.

Sail Training Ireland is a Charity and relies heavily on generous sponsorship and grants from a number of supporters. Following the Dublin Tall Ships Festival in 2012, DPC agreed to support Sail Training Ireland’s development of a Dublin and nationwide sail training programme as a legacy to their investment in that festival. The objective was to create long lasting benefits in the community through youth development programmes and events. The result of our support has been hundreds of young people, many from disadvantaged backgrounds being sponsored to take part in Sail Training Voyages for the purpose of youth development. It has also resulted in a large increase in the number of ships visiting ports in Ireland to take part in maritime events and festivals. Since 2012 DPC have financially supported Sail Training Ireland and in December 2015, DPC signed their annual agreement with the charity.

The agreement aims to continue to support the existing programme of River Liffey events to contribute to River Liffey regeneration and animation, to build upon the benefits to the community through engagement with youth and community groups fostered during the Dublin Tall Ships Festival in 2012. To continue to implement a programme of education and youth development through sponsored Sail Training voyages and increase the level of funding available to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Dublin by developing the Dublin Sail Training Bursary Scheme and to preserve and promote the heritage of Dublin as a port city with a seafaring tradition.