Individual ownership

A review of our safety documentation and practices was undertaken on our operational functions; Harbour, Land and Engineering. A gap analysis was compiled, led by the EHS Specialist in cooperation with the relevant operational managers.

The analysis identified the opportunity for the utilisation of the existing document control system for all safety documentation. This enables visibility and acknowledgement of documents applicable to employees.

During 2015, training and awareness of the new document control system was completed with relevant staff. As part of the system, Safety Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Risk Assessments (RA) were assigned to individuals who confirm (either electronically or manually) their acknowledgement of the content of the SOP and RA which outlines risks associated with the task, their controls and the safest method to complete the task. Similarly, if an operation changes or a safer method is identified, a change request is logged to trigger a review of the SOP or RA. The reviewed SOP or RA is re-communicated to all relevant staff.

An increase in safety awareness and responsibility by staff since the introduction of acknowledgements for safety documentation has been quite notable due to a sense of ownership of tasks by the employees and an appreciation for employee health and safety by the company.