Waste, Water & Air Management


In our 2014 sustainability report, we committed to undertaking an investigation into the slight reduction of our recycling rate in 2014 compared with 2013. We are happy to say that DPC achieved its highest % recycling rate recorded in 2015. Through simple but effective posters we improved our awareness of waste management which improved our internal waste segregation.

Recycling Rate per Year (%)

Water Management

Our industry-leading water consumption reduction programme has enabled us to reduce the water consumption of the Port estate by systematic elimination of leakages.

Our ongoing industry-leading water consumption reduction programme over recent years has enabled us to achieve a 97% reduction in water consumption by the systematic elimination of leakages in our 260 hectare estate.

Water Sampling: Monthly samples of surface water effluent samples and potable water samples are taken by the DPC Water Team and tested by an independent laboratory. Results are reviewed by the EHS Specialist and Maintenance & Services Manager on a monthly basis.

Metered Water Levels per Year (Tonnes m³)

Air Quality

Air quality experts, on behalf of DPC are carrying out air and dust monitoring over 2015 and 2016. Upon completion of the programme, the results will be analysed and a full report will be delivered to DPC.