Energy & Carbon Emissions


Our small wind turbine (11kW) which we installed in 2012 has produced a total of over 62,500KwH, an average of just under 43KwH per day. Consider the average house in Ireland consumes 9.04KwH per day this is equivalent to powering just under 5 houses per day.

The graph outlines the energy generated by the wind turbine since it was installed (in kilowatt-hours):


Over the past couple of years we have investigated options for the installation of an additional wind turbine. Over 2015, we completed a bird survey and plan to add additional information to this survey during 2016. A specification was circulated for tender in Dec 2015 for the installation of a Met Mast to enable us to analyse relevant parameters (e.g. wind speed) to determine the suitability of the proposed wind turbine location.

Carbon Emissions

Energy CategoryEnergy TypeUnitBaseline2009201020112012201320142015
ElectricityNet Electricity Imports (MPRN data)Ton CO22,1032,1032,3082,0452,2452,0601,8542,106
GasNatural Gas (GPRN data)Ton CO25959736079167139149
Heating OilsKeroseneTon CO22020212010202021
 GasoilTon CO2614614573687626434361395
Transport Fuels (Mineral Oil Fuels)Marked Diesel (non-thermal)Ton CO21,1661,0631,5111,1151,1641,4501,5521,791
Transport Biofuels Ton CO200000000
Total Ton`s CO2 Emissions Ton CO23,9623,9624,5744,0164,2134,2224,0224,571
Throughput `000 Ton`s  26,5026,5028,1128,1127,9828,8430,8532,83