Environmental Management

Environmental Management


To Dublin Port Company (DPC) there are three elements considered when talking about the Environment: Anthropogenic impact on the environment, ecology and preservation of the environment.

DPC has an important and long-standing commitment, firstly, to mitigate the negative environmental effects of Port operations and, secondly, to contribute, where possible, to improving the environment. Operating DPC to the highest feasible environmental standards is of paramount importance. To assist DPC to maintain high standards it undergoes audits bi-annually against the internationally recognised environmental standard ISO 14001. In September 2014, DPC went through a full 4 day re-certification audit with our new certifying body, Certification Europe. DPC’s next surveillance audit is scheduled for March 2015.

DPC also implement the Port Environmental and Review System (PERS). This is the only port‐sector specific environmental management standard and is independently verified by Lloyd’s Register. DPC will be submitting their application for re-certification of PERS in March 2015.

The commitment of both the ISO 14001 and PERS requires us to continually strive to make port operations as sustainable as possible. We take our lead in this regard from best practice in European ports and most particularly from our active involvement in the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO).

EHS Weighting

In our assessment of Tenders, we include Environmental Management as evaluation criteria. The weighting given to this criteria depends on the nature of the contract concerned.

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