Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder Consultation

The Port’s operations involve many diverse stakeholders local and internationally.

The Port maintains continuous and transparent communications with all stakeholders on issues related to its environmental, economic and social performance through regular meetings, community forums, press releases, newsletters, the Dublin Port website and social media.

Sustainable Relations

In our first sustainability report we contacted various stakeholders for their views on sustainable growth within Dublin Port and what they believed was DPCs priority for investment and their expectations for DPCs Sustainability work. The top responses received from the stakeholders are outlined below with an update on what we have achieved throughout 2015 to build upon a more sustainable port and to satisfy our stakeholders’ expectations.

  • Gerard Gaffney

    Head of Container Terminal Operations (Ireland), Marine Terminals Ltd.

  • Lynette Harcourt

    Clerical Officer, DPC

  • Pat Ward

    Head of Corporate Services, DPC

  • Billy Goodwin

    Freight and Passenger Manager, Stenaline

  • Bernadette Brazil

    Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist, DPC

  • Joe Cochrane

    Financial Controller, Hammond Lane Metal

  • Paul Bates

    Director, DPC

Question 1:
What is DPC’s most important investment if we are to achieve sustainable growth together?

Stakeholders response: Utilisation and maintenance of existing infrastructure

What DPC have done: Ongoing maintenance of our infrastructure continued throughout 2015. A number of existing yards were redeveloped to facilitate internal movement of customers, upgrade of utilities and to ensure our existing land is being used to its full potential. More information on the projects completed throughout 2015 can be found in the Key Events section of this report.

Stakeholders response: Continued maintenance of research and improvement programmes focused on studying the relationship between the Port and nature and ensuring environmental legal and international best practice compliance.

What DPC have done: During 2015, Dublin Port Company continued their support of the Dublin Bay Birds Project in partnership with Bird Watch Ireland. In consultation with a number of stakeholders, DPC prepared a management plan for the tern colony. As part of this plan, improvement work was completed on the existing pontoon and a second larger pontoon was installed near the Great South Wall.

DPC are part of the Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership which was developed to promote and preserve Dublin Bay, a recently designated UNESCO site. This designation provides international recognition of the importance of the natural and cultural heritage of Dublin Bay. There are five partners who financially contribute towards the partnership, one being DPC. The partnership creates a forum for sharing information between authorities enabling us to identify gaps in research. Through workshops, the partners prioritise research, education and awareness programmes to identify ecological research requirements, close out research gaps, improve/ add to existing research, inform and educate the community about Dublin Bay and how to appreciate and respect it.

In March 2015, DPC were re-certified by PERS, a port specific accreditation for environmental management systems. DPC also completed two successful ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems independent surveillance audits throughout 2015.

Read more at: Environmental Management

Question 2:
What do you expect or hope to see from DPC's sustainability work?

Stakeholders response: Promotion of Cruise Liners in Dublin City

What DPC have done: We were granted planning permission from An Bord Pleanála for the Alexandra Basin Redevelopment (ABR) project in July 2015. The redevelopment will provide a designated berth, in the city, for visiting cruise liners. The redevelopment will also facilitate larger vessels than currently possible to visit Dublin city.

DPC is a member of Cruise Ireland and Cruise Europe and DPC representatives attend the international cruise conference, Sea Trade Global, to promote Dublin as a cruise line destination.

Question 3:
What actions or investments by DPC on sustainability do you regard as being of greatest importance?

Stakeholders response: Review of existing road / port infrastructure

What DPC have done: Surveys and investigations have been completed throughout 2015 on the Port estate road network. DPC are putting an improvement plan in place to upgrade the existing surfaces and standardise footways, pedestrian ways and signage throughout 2016.