Key Events

Land Movements:

1. 0.016 ha - Surrender of Solana Investments – Alexandra Rd.

2. 0.409 ha - Hughes Transport – Bond Dr. Extension is now vacant as they have now moved site under the name Total Transport Solutions to a site (0.384 ha) on the Western end of Bond Dr. Extension.

3. 2.6 ha - Former Chetham & Heiton sites on Promenade Rd. have been consolidated with the former Storecon site (Tolka Quay Rd.) and redevelopment has taken place.

4. 0.258 ha - Tank Trans Ltd (Promenade Rd.) has relocated to a site on Bond Dr. Extension and this premises is now an addition to the Storecon block.

5. (no area measurement available) Missions to Seamen have relocated from No. 3 Branch Rd. (Portacabin) to facilities at Berth 33 (Portacabin).

6. 4.2 ha - Former CDL/BnM , CDI, Carnival Yard and Drumhaven Sheds have all been consolidated and redevelopment is taking place.

7. 141 sq.m.. - Doyle Shipping Group – Vacated Unit Q – Dublin Port Warehouse Facility Tolka Quay Rd.

8. 1.5 ha - Former McCairns Yard & Q10 – Alexandra Rd/No. 3 Branch Rd – redevelopment is taking place.

New Tenants:

9. 2.024 ha - Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd. – South Bank Rd - Builders Compound

10. 1.418 ha - Dublin Waste to Energy Ltd – South Bank Rd - Builders Compound

11. 389.53 sq.m. - Ecocem Materials Ltd – Unit T  - Dublin Port Warehouse Facility Tolka Quay Rd. for storage of bagged cement.

12. 201 sq.m. - Doyle Shipping Group – Unit C – Dublin Port Warehouse Facility – relocation of DSG maintenance facility from Drumhaven Sheds which are now demolished.

Dublin Bay Biosphere UNESCO Designation

Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation announced the designation of Dublin Bay as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve at a special event on North Bull Wall on June 24th 2015. The Reserve will be protected and promoted by the Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership which was publically launched at the event.

Pictured is Trevor Donnelly, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht; Helen McDaid, Manager, Dublin Programme Team, Failte Ireland; David O'Connor, Mayor, Fingal County Council; Gerry Horkan, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council; Barry Saul, Cathoirleach Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council; Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke; Eamon O'Reilly, Chief Executive, Dublin Port Company and Susan McMonagle, Protection Assistant at UNHCR Ireland. Picture Jason Clarke Photography.

Find out more at:
Environmental Management
Dublin Bay Biosphere Partnership

Projects 2015

Alexandra Quay East (AQE) Phase III (Ship-to-Shore (STS) Crane Rails)

Phase III refurbishment of the AQE container terminal was completed in January 2015.

The AQE Phase III project (Ship-to-Shore (STS) Crane Rails) consisted of the following elements:

  • Construction of new quay wall
  • Installation of Ship-to-Shore gantry crane rail beams
  • Foundations to allow the installation of a gantry crane for LoLo operations
  • Installation of Ship-to-Shore rails


The new STS Crane is electrically powered and can replace two diesel mobile harbour cranes previously used for the loading-on and loading-off (Lo-Lo) of container ships. The rails were installed flush to the existing ground to allow quay wall traffic to traverse over them.


Dismantling and Transportation of the 292 and 466 Cranes

Completed throughout 2015

This project consisted of the following elements:

  • Dismantling of the 292 and 466 Cranes
  • Transportation of the 292 and 466 Cranes


Both cranes were dismantled, documented and stored in preparation for reassembly for cultural heritage elsewhere in the port.


Surfacing Works

Completed throughout 2015

Surfacing works consisted of the following elements:

  • Resurfacing works
  • Reconfiguration works


General maintenance of the road network and quayside/ compound areas and to reconfigure a new entrance involving realignment of traffic islands, asphalt surfacing and concrete footpath works.


Enabling works: Site clearances, preparations and redevelopments in preparation for the ABR Project

Commenced in July 2015

The enabling works project consisted of the following elements across 4 sites:

  • Demolition of buildings
  • Construction of new surfaces
  • New entrance gates
  • High mast lighting - 30m high and with LED luminaires
  • New fencing
  • New drainage, water supply systems, electrical and communication ducts

Site clearance, site preparation and the incorporation of vacant land to the north of Alexandra Road into the existing Ocean Pier and Alexandra Quay East terminal facilities to create additional storage for unitised cargo as per Chapter 5 of the Masterplan.


Gates on Alexandra Road

Commenced in September 2015

The Gates on Alexandra Road project consisted of:

  • Erection of two sets of gates (each set incorporating a pedestrian gate)


To close off Alexandra Road and to allow vehicular crossings between McCairns Yard and Texaco Yard uninterrupted.


Quay Wall Repairs

Completed throughout 2015

The Quay Wall Repairs consisted of the following elements:

  • Surveying landside quay wall
  • Underwater surveys
  • Repairs and remedial work to quay walls


To prolong the life, integrity and stability of the quay walls which were undermined by ships propellers.


Coal Quay

Commenced in May 2015

The Coal Quay project consisted of the following elements:

  • Construction of new surfaces
  • Drainage works and specialist pipework


Site clearance and preparation for the relocation of a tenant to the opposite side of the quay due to a Compulsory Purchase Order by Dublin City Council.


The Coal Quay & MTL water main upgrade

Completed throughout 2015

The Coal Quay & MTL water main upgrade consisted of the following elements:

  • Cleaning and inspecting existing water main using jetting techniques
  • Cleaning, surveying and insertion of new High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE pipes) into the existing life expired cast watermain.


Provide the appropriate infrastructure to allow fresh drinking water to be bunkered to ships.


Reconfiguring the Diving Bell

Completed in July 2015

Completed under our Soft Values Programme. The project utilises LED energy entry lighting systems to animate this unique example of Port Heritage, enabling new linkages between the City and the Port. The Diving Bell was officially opened by Betty Ashe, St Andrews Resource Centre and Pascal Donohoe TD, the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport.


DPC, through its strategic key objectives underpinning the Masterplan, is committed to integrating new development with the built and natural landscapes of the surrounding area while promoting interpretation and celebration of this important example of Dublin Port’s industrial heritage.


Seafarers’ Centre

Commenced in November 2015

By promoting sustainable design in the built environment and in particular looking at recycling and reuse of existing buildings, DPC identified a building, formerly the canteen at the Odlums Mill site, as having potential to accommodate a new use. Originally dating from 1940s the building is of traditional construction.

DPC sought innovative and quality design solutions to accommodate a new Seafarers’ Centre and ensured sustainability objectives were written into the brief that the client set the design team and also, to exceed modern Building Regulations requirements.


The primary objective of this project is to provide drop-in facilities available to Seafarers of all denominations and none, in a welcoming and calm environment in addition to accommodating pastoral care organisations (Mission to Seafarers, Stella Maris) who care for Seafarers under the one roof.


Condition surveys of historical structures

Completed throughout 2015

The condition survey project consisted of the following elements:

  • Surveys to establish the general condition of the structures
  • Recommendations for further studies required to identify potential significance of structural deterioration


The historical structures include:

  • The Great South Wall
  • The Bull Wall
  • Bull Island Bridge
  • Bulloch Harbour

The condition surveys produced detailed baseline reports that will be used to provide information on the current condition of the structures and set up a monitoring programme that will allow the structures to be more easily monitored into the future. The surveys have also identified the requirement for some minor remedial works to be carried out in 2016 and also for more structural remedial works to be carried out in 2017.


Drainage Condition Surveys and works

Completed throughout 2015

Drainage condition surveys of the ports drainage network consisted of the following elements:

  • CCTV survey and investigation works
  • Drain unblocking works
  • Pipeline repairs (in pipe)
  • Drainage, civil and structural repair works


To identify and rectify the areas within the drainage network which needed to be cleaned repaired, unblocked or replaced. To replace identified manhole access, chamber lids and fuel pumps and reconfiguration of access chambers on fuel pump stations.


Alexandra Basin Redevelopment (ABR)

An Bord Pleanála granted permission for the ABR project in July 2015.

The ABR project consists of the following elements:

  • Construction of new quays and jetties at Alexandra Basin West
  • Remediation of contamination on the bed of the basin
  • Capital dredging to deepen the basin
  • Infilling of the Basin at Berths 52 and 53
  • Construction of a new river berth with a double tiered RO-RO ramp
  • Deepening of the fairway and approach to Dublin Port


The ABR Project, as per the Masterplan, is intended to contribute to the enhancement of the port by the utilisation and efficiency of port lands. The works which will occur during the project are primarily aimed at future proofing existing port infrastructure through innovative engineering solutions, to ensure that it can continue to adapt to both developing and emerging trends in international shipping and maritime transport.


Coal Distributors Limited (CDL) Yard

Commenced in August 2015

The CDL Yard project consisted of the following elements:

  • Construction of new surfaces
  • New entrance gates
  • High mast lighting - 30m high and with LED luminaires
  • New fencing, drainage, water supply system, electrical and communication ducts
  • Demolition of two warehouses of a total area of 1,335m² to extend the CDL Yard


Redevelopment of existing port lands between Alexandra Road and Tolka Quay Road. Yard to be redeveloped as part of Terminal 4 redevelopment which will be redeveloped as part of the ABR project as per Chapter 5 of the Masterplan.

Gates on Alexandra Road


Tern colonies

Commenced in March 2015

The project consisted of the following elements:

Terns are small seabirds that breed in Ireland and spend the winter in African waters. Two species, the Common Tern and Arctic Tern, breed within Dublin Port. They arrive here at the end of April each year to breed on artificial structures within the port. Because the terns are specially protected by an EU Directive, Dublin Port Company has assisted in their conservation within the port over a number of years.

During 2015, timber protective boards were added to two artificial structures (also referred to as mooring dolphins) to prevent eggs and chicks being blown into the sea and each structure was covered with a layer of gravel to mimic the natural beaches that terns would normally prefer. A large pontoon was installed near the Great South Wall in 2015 and this was occupied by up to 31 pairs of terns in July, some of which probably relocated from one of the older structures.


In 2012, the two artificial structures on which the terns traditionally nested had reached capacity with very close spacing of nests. The eggs were being attacked by mammalian predators on both sites. To help provide the terns with more secure nesting space within the port, DPC prepared a plan for management of the tern colony, assisted by a number of stakeholder organisations. The upgrade work and new pontoon is in line with DPC’s Tern Colony Management Plan which was finalised in 2015.

Read more at: Birds and Habitats


Appointments in 2015

Garrett Dorman

Project Manager

Catherine Lynch

Personal Assistant to the CEO

Finbarr Harding

Marine Operative

ESPO Award

The ESPO, the European Sea Ports Organisation, award was established in 2009 to promote innovative projects of port authorities that improve societal integration of ports, especially with the city and wider community in which they are located.

ESPO awarded Dublin Port the ESPO Award on Societal Integration of Ports in recognition of DPC’s strategies in making schools and universities aware of their local port and its activities. The theme was engagement with local schools and universities, and this is an area where Dublin Port Company excelled with their Port Communities Educational Support Programme. The programme includes Early Learning Initiatives, Technology in Schools programmes, a scholarships programme and support to sporting teams.

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Social Responsibility

PERS Recertification

PERS is the only port sector specific environmental management standard. It is the flagship product of the EcoPorts network and is offered as part of the ESPO services to its members through the EcoPorts website.

Compliance with the PERS standard is independently assessed by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and the certificate has a validity of two years. In April, Dublin Port received a Port Environment Review System (PERS) certificate during a dedicated ceremony at the ESPO annual conference in Athens. Mr Santiago Garcia Mila, ESPO Chairman, handed over the PERS certificate to Eamonn O'Reilly, Chief Executive, Dublin Port Company. Dublin Port has been a long-time supporter of the EcoPort tools and approach and this is DPC’s fourth time in a row to achieve this certification.

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Environmental Management

Events 2015

  • Dublin Port Company Riverfest
  • Upgrading of St. Patrick’s rowing club marina

  • The Liffey Swim

  • Old Gaffers Sailing rowing Regatta

  • St Patrick’s Rowing Regatta
  • Removal of sunken wrecks in the vicinity of the Poolbeg Marina to allow easier access for leisure craft.

  • Stella Maris Rowing Regatta

  • Dublin Curragh Rowing Regatta

  • Harbour to Harbour walk
  • Parade of Sail

  • Poolbeg Yacht Club Sailing Rowing Regatta

  • River Liffey Kayaking