What The Environment means to us

To DPC there are three elements considered when talking about the Environment: Anthropogenic impact on the environment, ecology and preservation of the environment.

The Port has an important and long standing commitment, firstly, to mitigate the negative environmental effects of Port operations and, secondly, to contribute to improving the environment. DPC strives to operate Dublin Port to the highest feasible environmental standards.

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Environmental Management

What CSR means to us

CSR is the commitment of the Port to contribute to sustainable economic development – working with employees, the local community and society at large – to improve the quality of life in ways that are both good for the business of the Port and good for Dublin City, its citizens and visitors.

Integration of the Port with the City is one of DPC’s main objectives.

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Social Responsibility

What Safety means to us

Investing in our human and physical resources to provide a safe working environment by ensuring employees are competent (sufficient training, experience and knowledge appropriate to the nature of the work to be undertaken) and work safely and our infrastructure is suitable and maintained.

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Safety Management

What Sustainability means to us

To say DPC is a sustainable Port implies we have the ability and capacity to operate the Port within the means of our natural systems (environment), without harming other people (society and culture) and to remediate legacy environmental problems.

Sustainability to Dublin Port means ensuring that the Port can exist and operate at a rate which meets present human needs and demands and can expand to meet future needs while preserving the environment and remediating environmental problems of the past to enable the existence and operation of the Port to continue into the future. DPC together with our stakeholders’ participation, including port users, works towards ensuring a sustainable port constructed on sustainable operations, activities and developments.

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Economic Performance